Whether planned or sudden, times of change can be overwhelming and painful. Perhaps you have an aging parent in the Twin Cities who has experienced a health decline or a fall, and you want to compare in-home care services with a move to an elder care facility. Or you may be evaluating whether it is time to move to a smaller home or condo. At Guiding Way, we know you want to ensure that the choices you make with your family members, or on their behalf, will result in the most comfortable, stress-free transition.

Guiding Way is a full-service transition company. We begin with a complimentary initial consultation in which we assess your needs and goals. Then, if you choose, we can assist with any or all of the transition process, including evaluating your options, choosing the best possible path for you.

We invite you to rely on our expertise in all of the choices and tasks involved in home and living transitions, including:

  • Home downsizing or “rightsizing” to match changing needs or health

  • Designing safe and comfortable independent living for seniors

  • Helping to coordinate in-home care givers and supporting services

  • Coordinating estate sales, organizers, packers, movers and removal of items you no longer need

  • Managing the entire transition process from planning to completion

  • Providing the real estate services you need from staging to sale of the home

Most importantly, we customize the solution to your unique needs. Please visit our Services page to learn more about our comprehensive transition programs.

Contact us today at (612) 799-5292 to get started with a complimentary initial consultation!


“Guiding Way provided an invaluable service to my family. When my father made the transition from his home to assisted living, my sister, brother, and I were not only tasked with sorting through his things, but also getting his home ready to sell. Since none of us lived in the same town, we had to take on this big project from afar. We hired Guiding Way to sell the house and they immediately took the reins and guided us through the entire project! The house needed some work and Guiding Way was able to refer us to reliable, affordable contractors and resources. We were so appreciative of the heartfelt services Guiding Way provided that we remain forever grateful.”

-E. Sorenson