Our Approach

Guiding Way is here to be your guiding light during life’s most challenging transitions. Our approach is to learn about the unique needs of your particular situation, and to help define the best solutions for you. To help you create and carry out the best possible plan, we carefully follow five steps, and completely address each need along the way:

  • Evaluation: We help you to evaluate all of the choices and options available to you, based on your specific needs and resources.

  • Decision: We assist you in making the best possible choice based on the evaluation process.

  • Planning: In this phase, we help ensure that all of the pieces are put into place to ensure successful implementation of the decisions you have made.

  • Execution: We then help to carry out your plan, in detail, until each step along the way is complete.

  • Adjustment: Finally, we follow up on any details that may need adjusting, and help to complete your transition.

We invite you to put your trust in Guiding Way!

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