At Guiding Way, we provide a comprehensive set of services, delivered with care, to assist you in planning and carrying out an important transition, whether that involves modifying an existing home to serve your changing needs, downsizing to a smaller residence, transitioning to an elder care home, or managing estate transitions and closures.

Transition Pathways

To help you navigate change with ease, we have created special transition guides, which we call Pathways. Each of these Pathways is based on times of change and the special circumstances and needs you may experience at those times.

We begin with a complimentary initial consultation, during which we assess your needs and goals. We can then recommend one or more of the following Pathways, as appropriate, and tailor them to your unique situation.


  • Estate Organizer/Planning Pathway: Helps to define a transition plan and organize all of your legal, healthcare, banking and tax documents to prepare for your next steps.

  • Independent Living Pathway: Defines the tasks involved in creating a safe and secure home environment when you want to remain in your home. These include any necessary modifications to your home as well as any home care and personal services needed, such as in-home health care, financial services, pharmacy services and transportation.

  • Residence Transition Pathway: Creates a complete plan, and helps to carry out all steps involved, if you choose to transition out of your home. This pathway includes helping to identify the best choice of new residence and navigate the entire transition, including the move to your new residence and making any adjustments to ensure peace of mind.

  • Residence Settlement Pathway: Provides all the hand-holding needed to plan for and carry out the sale of a home, including market evaluation, property appraisal, realtor selection, managing belongings, home staging, sale and closing.

  • Final Estate Settlement Pathway: Helps family members to navigate the emotionally challenging details involved in settling an estate when a loved one passes away. This pathway includes planning and carrying out all necessary steps, including managing or coordinating all financial and legal matters and social security issues, and cancelling utilities and miscellaneous services and accounts.

Wherever you are on your own transition path, Guiding Way will assist in evaluating all of your options, navigating the choices, and taking all the steps necessary to complete your journey.

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“After the months of stress, work, and emotional overload involved in transitioning our father and step-mother into the safer setting of assisted living, we still were faced with the task of selling their home of 52 years and dealing with a lifetime of personal possessions. My sister and I reached out to Guiding Way to help us through planning and mobilizing resources to get this accomplished. Of utmost importance was that I trusted their sincerity and integrity. They understood our situation, were responsive to our deadlines, and demonstrated enormous flexibility in adjusting to our continually changing needs. From their hands-on presence to the reassurance they lent to the tough decisions we had to make, Guiding Way was a valuable partner. They say the most reliable indication of satisfaction is whether you would use them again or recommend them to a family member. I would do both! ”

-S. Johnson